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At Montefiore, Diversity and Inclusion encourages different perspectives, insights and approaches to how we do our best work – and why Diversity and Equity are two of our five core values that guide why and how we work to serve our patients.

To retain our place as a regional and national premier healthcare organization, we work hard to attract, recruit, develop, mentor and sponsor the best possible talent. It’s imperative that we identify and recruit talent from both traditional and non-traditional candidate pools representing various backgrounds, skillsets, abilities, and geographic locations. This is critical as we face more complex and emergent healthcare issues within the patient communities we serve.

Our aim is to develop and retain talent so that every associate can thrive, and contribute authentically with opportunities for career growth throughout their career journey.

Through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging, Montefiore is committed to actively creating a healthcare environment that associates want to be part of, patients want to seek care in, and other healthcare providers want to emulate. Come join us in this effort.


Montefiore Einstein uses a Diversity Council and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to support our diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging goals. Our Diversity Council includes representatives who work to ensure Montefiore Einstein is an inclusive, equitable, high performing organization where diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging is a strategic imperative. Our BRGs are associate led groups that are formed based on shared characteristics, interests, or life experiences. Current BRGs are based on the following characteristics and identities: AAPI, Black, Caregiver, Disability, Hispanic, Indigenous American, LGBTQ+, Military, Religious, Veteran, and Women.


Montefiore appreciates and values our servicemen who risked their lives and defended our nation. We proudly employ those that have been trained by the military into various opportunities.


Montefiore has a history of doing more for the Bronx's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community and providing leading-edge LGBTQ care in our hospitals, community health centers and specialty clinics. 

Message on our Core Values from our President and CEO, Dr Philip Ozuah

Message on our Core Values from our President and CEO, Dr Philip Ozuah


Dr. Philip Ozuah, President and CEO of Montefiore Medicine, speaks with the Today Show about racism and coronavirus.

Watch the video by clicking link below:

Hospital CEO says we are battling 2 viruses: Coronavirus and racism


Notable 2022 Black Leaders
Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, president and CEO, Montefiore Medicine, is highlighted as one of Crain’s top Black Leaders. Dr. Ozuah is noted for overseeing Montefiore during the pandemic as well as tackling health and social disparities throughout the region.

Dismantling Xenophobia from Montefiore

Dismantling Xenophobia from Montefiore

Pride at Montefiore

Pride at Montefiore

Juneteenth at Montefiore